Common Questions, Issues, and Solutions.

M.O.T Service Questions


I've purchased your MOT service online, what happens next?


Will I lose any of my existing files during the PC service?



How long does it take to carry out the service, how much time is required from me to assist you?


What do you need me to do?


What if I pay for a remote service and you can't fix it remotely?

Software Questions


I already have security software on my laptop, why do I need new security software installed?



I've recently purchased new antivirus software, do you still recommend I replace it with malwarebytes software.



What security do you put on my computer during your service?



What software do you use to connect to my computer?



Will you remove any of my software?

Billing & Accounts


Is your online payment secure?



What payment methods to you accept?



Can you take payment over the phone?



What is your refund policy?