Surfsafely M.O.T. Tune-Up Service

Surfsafely is proud to offer a unique full M.O.T. Tune-up service that remotely fixes the issues that would make for a slow and insecure computer.

Symptoms of an infected PC



Surfsafely M.O.T. - Tune-UP Solution


Fast and secure working computer


Slow start up times, slow browsing websites, redirects to websites, ads popups, PC freezing

Potential Identity theft, bank fraud, corrupt operating system, slow and unusable computer, key-loggers


Privacy invasion, data loss, frustration, anger, potential for shouting at a non- responsive screen.









Allow our expert engineers to remotely remove all viruses and spyware so your laptop is squeaky clean.


We update all your system software, drivers and utilities.


We can install new security software to safeguard you from all internet threats.




Fast and secure working laptop*

 M.O.T Plus includes *One year Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium subscription included (£29.99)


No more shaking your fist at the screen


30 days free remote support included for your piece of mind on all services.



What to expect


Our expert team will fix problems with start up programs, boost PC speed and will improve computer performance, something you will benefit from immediately.


You can sit back whilst our IT support engineers share control of your PC and fix all performance issues and check that your PC is clean from all viruses, malware and all other nasties which could affect your PC performance and security.


In addition to cleaning and updating your system, we can also install new security software to keep you safeguarded going forward.Protect yourself, your family and your business online with Surfsafely's unique M.O.T. Tune-Up Service or M.O.T Tune-UP Plus service Today!





M.O.T. Tune-Up Service £50

M.O.T Tune-UP Plus service £75 ( Includes malware-bytes security subscription)

Parental controls setup if required

30 days free remote support provided after all M.O.T. Services.


Multiple computer discounts available.


We also offer a collect & return M.O.T. service if you live in the central area of Scotland*

*Please note there is a £15 additional surcharge which covers uplift and return delivery.


Computers can be dropped off to us in person for servicing and collection by customers at no additional cost and we also can accept computers and repairs by tracked courier.


Please call us first to arrange an appointment.

What's Included In the M.O.T. Service?


  • New Antivirus Software

  • * New Malwarebytes Premium

  • Virus & Malware Removal

  • Hardware Diagnostics Check

  • Broadband Speed test

  • Browsers Cleaned

  • Hard Drive Clean-Up

  • Temporary Files Deleted

  • Windows Security Updates

  • Driver Updates

  • Start-Up Performance Tweaked

  • Optimisation Check

  • Registry Clean-up

  • Full System Defrag